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Smart devices for the
Smart Green Region

The Project

The Beacon Südtirol - Alto Adige project is financed by the ERDF funding program coordinated by the Tech Transfer Digital unit of the NOI Techpark and the Division 9.0 of the Autonomous province of Bolzano. Through the installation of a beacon network and an IoT test network, the project aims to create a favourable environment for the development of new innovative ideas, projects and products.

Project details

  • Project start: 1st May 2018
  • Project end: 31st Janury 2020
  • Project budget: 545.300,00 €

Project work Packages

1 - Project Management

This work package includes all the activities that are needed to guarantee the correct implementation of all the foreseen activities.

2 - Communication and community building

This work package will include a lot of activities. The main goal is the creation of a South Tyrolean community of IoT companies, experts and talents that will stimulate new innovative ideas, projects, products and services.

3 - State of the art analysis

This work package shows the state of the art analysis of the IoT sector which will identify:

  1. The best technologies in the IoT sector and how they can be integrated;
  2. A vision about future technologies that will come in the near future;
  3. An analysis of project and companies that will use or benefit from Beacon and IoT technologies in South Tyrol;
  4. A vision of possible future development of the project activities.

4 - Beacon Network

This work package includes:

  1. Installation of 3.500 beacons distributed over the whole South Tyrol;
  2. Development of an Open Source library that can be used by stakeholders which will interact with installed beacons;
  3. Development of an Open Source web tool to manage the beacon network;
  4. Development of an Open source app to manage the beacon network;
  5. Creation of a plan for the maintenance and the future development of the beacon network.

5 - Wireless Sensor Network

This work package includes:

  1. Installation of a LoRaWAN testing network at the NOI techpark;
  2. Creation of a local IoT Community of local, national and international research institutions, companies and experts;
  3. Development of an Open Source web tool to manage the network.

6 - Pilot implementation

This work package aims to develop Open Source pilot services and applications that anyone can use as a reference implementation.