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Project Outputs

This section is dedicated to the presentation of the project results. Here you will find:

  • a short description of each output;
  • the link to the project documentation that you can read and or download;
  • the link to the repositories with the source code of all the software that will be developed.

Workpackage 1

Project Management

This WP includes the operational, administrative and financial coordination of the whole Beacon S├╝dtirol - Alto Adige project. This WP aims to guarantee an effective and efficient use of the project's human and financial resources.

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Workpackage 2

Project communication and community building

The WP 2 includes the definition of the communication strategy and its output. The goals are of the project communication are:

  • make the project and its output known to citizens, research centres and companies;
  • create a local Internet of Things community of experts.

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Workpackage 3

State of the art analysis

In the WP 3 a State of the Art of the IoT sector will be made. The goals of this analysis are: the identification of the local stakeholders that can benefit from IoT technologies, the study of the actual and future IoT technologies and the definition of future innovative project ideas.

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Workpackage 4

Beacon Network

The WP 4 aims to create a distributed Beacon Network over the whole South Tyrol and to develop all the software needed for the usage and the maintenance of the network.

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Workpackage 5

Wireless Sensor Network - WSN

The WP 5 aims to create a LoRaWAN testing area at NOI Techpark that can be used by companies and experts to test and develop their sensors or prototypes.

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Workpackage 6

Pilot implementations

The WP 6 aims to develop one or more prototypes that will be used by the developers, the companies and the experts as inspiration and reference tools for the integration of the beacon and other IoT solution in their application and services.

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