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Workpackage 3
State of the art analysis

In the WP 3 a State of the Art of the IoT sector will be made. The goal of this analysis are:

  • the identification of the local stakeholde that are active in the IoT sector;
  • the identification of the local stakeholde that can benefit from IoT technologies;
  • the study of the actual and future IoT technologies;
  • the definition of future innovative project ideas.

This analysis aims to define precisely the initial context in which the project intends to develop its activities.

In addition, a second objective is the identification of possible realities with which to collaborate, any other initiatives with which to integrate and identify the benefits and repercussions that will occur on the territory.

Moreover, the detailed knowledge of the territory will also allow to define guidelines that can be followed for the definition of future developments in the IoT field.