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LoRaWAN Network at NOI Techpark

During the project, in collaboration with the Center for Sensing Solution of Eurac Research, it has been installed at the NOI Techpark in Bolzano a LoRaWAN Network that can be used by all the players that are interested in testing their sensors. The idea is to create a testing environment that:

  • allows companies to test new sensors or other products that are developing;
  • can be used by companies and research centre in order to develop new innovative solutions,
  • enforces the collaboration between the companies that are getting in contact through the use of a shared network.

In order to use the Beacon S├╝dtirol LoRaWAN network and test your devices, you have to register your sensor in the dedicated administration web portal. Through the administration web portal you can register one or more devices on the network, both commercial or custom. The portal is available at the following link:

LoRaWAN portal

If you want to have more infromation about how to use the LoRaWAN network or in setting up a basic end node using a general purpose microcontroller (Arduino or Pycom), please take a look at the guide at the following link:.

LoRaWAN documentation

If you want more information about the LoRaWAN network, the South Tyrolean IoT Community or in becoming part of the IoT local community contact us.

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